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Why intimate weddings are here to stay?

Intimate wedding

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Though the pandemic came into the picture unannounced, intimate weddings were thought of concern and practice even before the safety rules and regulations were made mandatory, just that it was not much popular nor much welcomed among the societal norms. Certain things come for good even in the most surprising situations and intimate weddings are somewhat like that, says youngsters in the row.

Intimate weddings

Source: Pinterest

Hosting an intimate wedding is not always about the modest affair but rather respecting the privacy of the couple and the family and meeting their expectations knitted for the D-Day.

Eventhough limited guest lists are a part of intimate weddings, with no doubt we tell you there is even more to it. Intimate weddings even reflect the couple's personality and their ideas of wedding and hosting the same. From inviting people after a tightly screened list to organizing everything perfectly to feel the love and blessings on the special occasion, intimate weddings have a whole different story to narrate.

It's true that intimate weddings became popular as an after-effect of the pandemic, but they are definitely here to stay for obvious reasons.

Intimate weddings


Marriage needs to be peaceful and calm and not a hurry burry rush and these close-knitted weddings are your perfect choice for a hassle-free wedding affair.

Relaxing with close family members and friends and making it feel all the more warm and peaceful is the major plus point seen in a close-knit wedding ceremony. Marriage is indeed a function that needs to be celebrated with people who matters the most to you.

Saving money while making the utmost of the happy moments is another key feature of intimate weddings. Tightly screened guest lists let you do all this in favor of promising happy and precious memories.

Intimate weddings

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Having a smaller guest list ultimately means, easier to organize and manage, and so this is the right time for you to implement your creative ideas like you always wanted to do on your special day. Customizing every single element used in the wedding getting your own idea into a reality is indeed a sense of satisfaction to cherish forever.

Intimate weddings

Source: Pinterest

Well, an intimate wedding means great and boundless freedom for your photography team to capture and create nothing but the best wedding film with raw emotions.

At the end of the day, though the memories remain fresh, photographs and videos too hold a special place.

Intimate weddings are definitely here to stay and not just for a season or a compensating reason.

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