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Royal wedding venues in Rajasthan!

Royal wedding venues in Rajasthan


If walking down the aisle like a princess in dreams in the middle of classic frames has been something you have been eyeing for a long, then Rajasthani traditional royal weddings are your perfect go-to theme for your big day.

From the picturesque location to the beautiful wedding rituals in the middle of fresh air, far from the city in an architecturally brilliant fort, Rajasthani weddings have a lot to offer. Ancient forts, marble palaces, lush greens, stunning sand dunes, and even more, the list goes endless and so for fortunate and definitive reasons, nothing really beats Rajasthan when it comes to locations and venues.

If you have been wanting to arrange a wedding in Rajasthan with all the might and privilege just like how you have been dreaming all this while, we got you covered with nothing but the best venues in Rajasthan for your iconic wedding setup. Let's have a closer look at each location.

1. ITC Rajputana, Jaipur

Royal wedding venues in Rajasthan

This exotic red-brick heritage hotel in Rajasthan is just 15 km away from the Jaipur International Airport with a guest capacity of 150-550 people has 235 rooms. With incredible interior and amazing space to move around, ITC Rajputana fits for any occasion irrespective of cultural and traditional differences. The classic and authentic visually appealing nature of ITC Rajputana makes it an even more celebrated royal wedding venue of Rajasthan.

2. The Ummed, Jodhpur

Royal wedding venues in Rajasthan

The Ummed, Jodhpur is a Marwari palace with ancient Rajasthani architectural elements beautifully mounted in the middle of lush green gardens. From the low-rise expansions around the courtyard to the palatial driveways to the luxurious rooms, every other setting makes the guest feel the royalty of Rajasthan. The Ummed, Jodhpur is rather a kaleidoscope of courteous facets of the culture and richness. With a total number of 80 rooms and a guest capacity of 250-5000 people, the venue is 12 km away from Jodhpur Airport.

3. Taj Aravali resort and spa, Udaipur

Royal wedding venues in Rajasthan

The Taj Aravali resorts and spa, spread across the beautiful foothills of the Aravali mountain range showcase the traditionally rooted beauty of the Royal Rajasthan with its artistic and design brilliance.

With a guest capacity of 60-800 and with a total of 92 rooms, the Taj Aravali is 32 km far from Jaisalmer Airport.

4. Rambagh Palace, Jaipur

Royal wedding venues in Rajasthan

The historically significant palace was one of the first monuments to be converted into a heritage hotel in India. This nothing short of a marvel structure managed by the Taj group offers regality and modernity at the same time.8 km far from Jaipur International Airport and with a guest capacity of 450 people with 78 rooms, Rambagh Palace is your ideal destination for royal intimate weddings at Rajasthan.

5. Udai Kothi, Udaipur

Royal wedding venues in Rajasthan

Ravishing rooftop pool and white arched marble pillars are among the many highlights of this heritage boutique hotel in Udaipur. This luxurious hotel could accommodate around 200 people with 64 rooms. This property guaranteeing memorable moments was once awarded as the "Best Wedding Venue in Rajasthan" by New York Times Magazine and as Best Boutique Hotel In India,’ by National Geographic Traveller. This perfect venue for your intimate Rajasthani Royal wedding is located 24 km from Maharana Pratap Airport, Udaipur.

6. Shiv Vilas Resort, Jaipur

Royal wedding venues in Rajasthan

The white-washed palace with tidy cottages is your perfect go-to venue if getting married in an old place with a royal setting is your priority. With about 78 rooms and around 38 km from Jaipur International Airport, the resort can accommodate around 3000 people. From being your stunning venue partner for grand and intimate weddings Shiv Vilas, Jaipur has a lot more to contribute in terms of traditional royal setting and frame-worthy corners all around.

7. Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur

Royal wedding venues in Rajasthan

The Taj Lake Palace, built on the very mesmerizing lakes of Pichola, the venue has played a major role in many blockbuster films. Astonishing architecture with a strong link to the historical connection and past. With a view of uninterrupted breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, Taj Lake palace gifts you with the best venue for your Royal-themed wedding.

With a distance of 24 km from Maharana Pratap airport, the Taj Lake palace could hold around 800 people with 83 rooms.

8. Alila Fort, Bishangarh

Royal wedding venues in Rajasthan

The 230-year-old Alila Fort, with a wonderful backdrop to the poolside giving forever feels of Jal Mahal is regarded as one of India’s best boutique fortress properties. 55 km away from the Jaipur International Airport, Alila Fort is all perfect for your intimate wedding in the fresh air far away from the chaos of the city. With 59 rooms, the fort can accommodate around 200 people.

9. Fort Khejarla, Jodhpur

Royal wedding venues in Rajasthan

400 years of historical reference has made Fort Khejalra an impressive show-stealer with Rajput tradition and significance. This amazingly breathtaking architecture is perfect for your close-knit intimate weddings for its red sandstone pillars, stone-carved rooms, windows with latticework, intricate jharokhas, and imposing exteriors. The property owned by the royal family of Khejarla is 78 km away from Jodhpur International Airport with a guest capacity of 600 people and around 45 rooms.

10. Six Senses Barwara Fort

Royal wedding venues in Rajasthan

Originally owned by a Rajasthani family, the Barwara fort is a 5.5-acre site encircled by a 5-foot thick rock wall that rises up to 20 feet in certain sections The 14nth century architectural construction was restored by the Six senses group is now one of the most precious pieces of heritage. The Rajasthani architecture inspired the theme of the fort as a royal palace of well-being with a rewilding forest to the east and a reviving Barwara lake.

The extremely closed and reserved fort is your perfect destination for royal intimate weddings. With 48 suites, Barwara fort is 58km away from Jodhpur International Airport.

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