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3 Doable Eco-friendly alternatives to opt for this wedding season.

Eco-friendly alternatives

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Weddings have been accused innumerable times for their excess waste generation and for the mindless way of using resources. There are a number of things to look after when planning a wedding, from the guest list to the venue and to the decor and even to the caterers. Well, eco-consciousness being one among the major concern, and for the recently increased awareness for the same, let's have a look at three doable and impactful alternatives to opt for this wedding season.

Eco-friendly alternative

Source: Pinterest

Weddings need not necessarily be wasteful, as they can be mindful too if planned out efficiently with an effective strategy.

Here are the three efficient yet easily implementable alternatives for your green and eco-conscious weddings.

1. Steel spoons and forks

Eco-friendly alternative

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Let's go back to the olden times of shining steel cutlery with cling clang sound for the company. One of the largest categories of waste generation during weddings is plastic cutleries and replacing them with reusable cutleries not only helps you to cut down the wastage but also helps you to keep your wallet heavy. Wooden, steel, and glassware are your perfect alternatives to skip using plastic cutleries.

Studies have promised a significant decrease in the emission of greenhouse gases if plastic cutleries can be replaced by reusable ones.

From being your first step towards planning a zero wastage wedding to giving you the provision to rent out utensils for the occasion, it helps you be budget-friendly and eco-friendly at the same time.

2. Nearby available flowers for decor for wedding decor

Eco-friendly alternative

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This easily implementable decor idea can actually be your stunning decor element for your wedding events. From promoting your motherland to showcasing the tiny little bit elements with pride and fascination, your local nearby available flowers can mark a statement with the support of efficient planning. Transporting kilograms of flowers from a distant city to the venue for the decor is never an Earth-Friendly decision. Making the most out of the locally available and seasonal flowers is completely justified and is highly supportive of eco-friendly wedding decor. Fabric Flowers and Brooch Bouquets for Weddings are a couple of other alternatives if you'd like to avoid fresh flowers.

3. E-Invites

Eco-friendly alternative

Source: Pinterest

E-invites are your perfect and thoughtful catch for millennial couples to invite their wedding guests. From marking a statement to redefining the way how couples connect with their guests, e-invites have even more to offer. This cost-effective yet creatively brilliant form of wedding invitation is an eco-conscious alternative too to avoid excess wastage of paper. E-invite for your wedding lets you pour out your software brilliance and creativity at one go with a touch of personalization. These days, especially in this post-pandemic world, inviting your guests by seeing them in person like how it used to be in the pre-pandemic era is nearly impossible. So why not make the best out of it when it also helps you keep your wallet heavy?

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