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Wedding fashion trends men 2020!

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

When going to a wedding, not everything is appropriate! We all know how there are a plenty of options available for the women when it comes to dressing up for functions and occasions. But what about men? With the ever-changing trends, the groomsmen fashion scene isn’t lagging behind. From normal suits and kurtas to modern and edgy pieces of menswear, there have been a lot of changes. The rule of thumb when attending a traditional Indian wedding ceremony as a guest is to dress anything but formal or casual. Traditional Indian weddings are indeed gala affairs where the outfits need to suit the occasion. For this reason,wearing simple cotton suits and Kurtas is not an option. Here in this blog we will tell you the techniques of mastering wedding fashion and give you some style advice, weather you have a big or small budget!

Baraat is one of the most highly anticipated moments of any Indian wedding! It’s the moment when the groom arrives with the whole band-baaja-baraat seated on his ghodi, on the doorsteps of the mandap, to marry the love of his life! And groomsmen these days are planning to arrive in swag. But it will be more fun if it is comfortable and stylish. Because dancing is mandatory!

The most happy, cheerful and colorful ceremony of Indian weddings is the haldi ceremony. Happiness, joy and fun all over. The color of dress that you decide to wear is pretty obvious that's yellow. But it can differ in style! You can co-ordinate with your gang and wear similar pattern to make it more fun.

Among all pre-wedding functions, if there is something that the bride and her friends enjoy the most, it is the Mehendi. Usually its a grand affair for the bride, her friends and her family. And the mehendi ceremony for the groom takes place separately at his home. But we all know the pictures will obviously go to the album. So style matters there too!

Next comes the grand affair, the wedding. It goes without saying that guests will be overjoyed to watch the happy couple proclaim their love and be joined in wedded bliss. People would wanna look their best, click pictures, have fun. It'll be more fun if the pictures come out well ;) You can wear Pagdi to add to the swag, and play around with more colors. Suits, Tuxedos can never go wrong too!

It's the wedding—feel free to go full-on traditional, or mix it up in something short and flirty in the cocktail party. Instead of going for identical looks, scan the fashion glossies for a color you love, broadcast your choice, and let your men choose their own individual styles in the selected shade. This will look terrific in photos while allowing their personalities to shine. And they'll love you forever for letting them pick dresses they actually like!

Photo Courtesy: Pinterest

Hope these help you shine, All the best.

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