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Wedding Day Checklist!

Planning an entire wedding is an uphill task, if you are the couple or the sister/brother of the

bride/groom. Keeping track of everything like rituals at home, guest management, baraatis what not!

To overcome all these it's always better to hire a wedding planner and attend your wedding as a guest.

Here's a checklist which will help you organize most of the things in case you don't have a planner.

And which will also educate you on certain topics where you should be careful to avoid certain things.

Alcohol License

Make sure you contact your venue before making any decisions about serving alcohol at your wedding. You will likely have to purchase a liquor license and your servers may need to have alcohol service training or certification to legally pour out the drinks at your reception.The organizers of private parties where liquor and beer would be served for the invited guests should obtain ‘Occasional Licence: CL-5 Licence’ from the Excise Department. As per Karnataka Excise (Sale of Indian and Foreign Liquors) 1968 rule 8(5), a fee of Rs.10,000 per day and a cess of Rs.1,500 should be deposited to obtain the Occasional Licence.

Be ready with Performances!

Yes, if you are planning to surprise the couple with your performances make sure all the people who are

taking part are there on time. Practice well with properties if you are using any. Make sure all things are there nearby just to avoid confusion.

DJ & Playlist

If you are hiring any DJ to perform in the event, make sure to procure Music license in prior.

The cost of a license can range from Rs 40,000 to Rs 1,00,000 for about six hours of public performance, depending on the number of people expected to attend the event. Playlist of your favorite

songs play a vital role so keep it ready.

LED screen, Sound Systems & Mic

Sound systems, Mic and LED screen is required for projection, which will cost you anywhere between INR 15000-20000.

Plan it well!

Definitely the couple deserve special entry, so if you are planning for one, make sure all the properties that you are going to use are ready/ charged/ working/safe. Inform people who are going to take part should be present on time to perform the planned entry.

Extra Electrical Load

When you have a dance or a cocktail party, there is an extra load on the electricity hub. Venues charge per extra KV . So it's better to be aware of it.

Baraat Vehicle

Say NO to Animal Cruelty! Enter in swag, any car is available out there. The classy cars like BMW, Benz, Audi, Jaguar, anything! Or if you wish, you can opt for classic bikes as well. So plan it accordingly.

Damage Penalty

If you have dynamic family members and crazy friends as we do, chances are that they maybe break a table or maybe even a few bottles. And that will be deducted from your deposit or charged extra so keep that spare cash handy! SO, be prepared!

Don't forget people who are working for you!

While you are counting the number of guests for your food plates, make sure that you count in the staff too or make arrangements for staff meals. Your drivers, home help or even any other help that will be with you during the events will need to be provided with meals. After all they all are working for you.

Keeping extra cash in hand is so important.

We all know this is the age of cashless transactions. But most of the vendors that will be working in the event might not have those applications or even the bank accounts. You might need some extra flowers for some ritual or something to carryout some last minute task. So to make payments on spot you may have to keep some extra cash in hand! Helpful isn't it?

These are some important things to keep in mind whilst planning the wedding.

Hope it helps!

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