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Stunning Blouse Designs To Consider For Your wedding 2020

Every bride likes to dress her best and look unique on her wedding day.A well-fitted and designer wedding blouse designs is very important to look the best. It’s the age of serious bridal swag. Hence, a cliche is no

longer the way to when it comes to glamming up your wedding outfits.Whether it’s a heavy or subtle & simple blouse, it all depends on how you style them to make the difference! You can choose from a large variety of traditional embroidery designs, concept embroidery, add personal elements and so with so many options available, it’s but natural to get confused! So, if you have finalized your wedding saree or lehenga and want to scout the latest wedding blouse designs, then scroll down and find your inspiration from this bridal blouse designs catalog.

1) Embroidery all the way! One can never go wrong with a blouse covered with embroidery & stone work. It is no surprise that the amount of work done in terms of usage of embellishments and stones is directly proportional to the class exuded by the apparel adorn. Thus if you are running short of time and there is no scope for experimentation, a heavy embroidered blouse is the way!

2) Off the shoulder,to a bolder you! Recently the trend of wearing an off the shoulder blouse with saree has increasingly resurfaced. This design promises to show off and highlight your collar bones. So if you are someone who is in need of a blouse that compliments their collar and shoulder bone, and off the shoulder blouse is your ideal alternative! The trend of off the shoulder apparel originates from the ancient belief that the shoulder bone is a symbol of immense beauty and charisma! So if you want to channel your inner beauty alongside make a bold statement, this blouse is your best bet!

3) Velvety. If there is one cloth material that screams elegance and simplicity at the same time it is velvet! Getting the saree blouse stitched from velvet is increasingly taking the center stage. If you are someone who is aspiring to pull off a subtle yet elegant look, a velvet blouse should be one of the alternatives you consider. Velvet is also considered to be relatively easier to work with and thus if you're someone who is prone to making numerous alterations, velvet should be your choice of material.

4) Beauty comes Backless A sure shot way to turn heads and make jaws drop is a backless blouse! Blackness blouses help you highlight your tender back that is often associated with immense beauty. Backless blouses enhance the comfort-ability factor of the blouse. They reduce the scope for excess perspiration and thus enhance a bride's overall grace. If you're about to choose an ideal blouse for summer, a backless blouse would be the smartest choice!

5) Infamous Maggam work blouses Maggam work refers to an intricate kind of embroidery. It is also popularly referred to as Zari embroidery. It is done using a special hooked eponymous needle. The following embroidery is the epitome of top class craftsmanship and thus exudes class and elegance. So if your main agenda is to achieve a royal/classy look, incorporating maggam work will be a bright choice.

6) Don't Panic, its metallic! If you're someone who isn't the best when it comes to dealing with delicate articles of clothing, a metallic blouse might be your best alternative. Metallic blouses are often designed in a relatively sturdy manner. Moreover, metallic articles of clothing help make a bold statement. So if that is something you want to achieve, metallic blouses should be something you definitely consider!

7) All heroines wear capes too! If you want to be a little extra, in a good way of course you can always opt for a blouse with cape sleeves. Cape sleeves add a playful twist to a blouse. The true power of the beauty of a cape sleeve is unveiled on a windy day. The cape sleeves are believed to catch more glances than others due to their tendency to be molded into various shapes and forms by wind!

8) Collared? Yes ma'am! Collared blouses have increasingly been showcased in the limelight recently. They add the much needed uniqueness to a mundane blouse. A collared blouse with saree is an ideal example of blending of foreign culture and influence with that of India. Thus if exclusivity is the theme you're planning to incorporate or if making a unique appearance is something you aspire, a collared blouse is the way!

9) Tazzledd Nothing has proven to catch the attention of bystanders more than an old-fashioned tazzle, usually positioned at the back of the blouse. Tazzles have now witnessed a major evolution in terms of shape,

size and color and have thus gained the power of transforming the look of the blouse, saree and the bride as a whole. If you're running short of time but still aspire to steal the show, you can now tazzle your way through it!

10) Lets get netty! You can quite literally net your way through your marriage, in terms of your outfit and still not regret it! Such is the power of net. Whether it is a sleeve made out of net, or the collar or the entire blouse! Net never fails to impress. Net is regarded as one of the easiest materials to alter and work with and thus if you're planning to acquire your ideal outfit at short notice, you can net your way out!

11. Puff sleeve blouse for the rescue!

The combination of puff sleeve blouse and kanjeevaram silk saree can never go wrong. In fact, the puff sleeves render a coy feminine appeal to Indian women.

12. Embellished Elbow Length Sleeves

No matter what neckline you choose, give a rich look to your wedding outfit with embellished elbow length sleeves on your bridal blouse. Currently, most brides, especially from South India, prefer this style for their wedding and pre/post wedding parties.

13. Click it, get it

Amp up your bridal outfit with hand embroidered thread designs of bride and bridegroom on the blouse. The bride and groom embroidery can be either on the long sleeves or on the back of the saree blouse. It is

so cool! Isn't it?

14. Kaasu maala designed blouse

Kaasu maala is a must for every South Indian bride’s jewelry collection. The simple yet authentic design glorifies a bride’s beauty. An elegant choice!

16. Yes! Jewelry on it.

Temple jewelry in classic designs and antique finishes are quite in fashion these days. And we like the way some of the brides chose to style their saree blouse with impressive gold-plated jewels for their wedding. The concept is well thought of and adds to the flamboyancy of a South Indian bride.

Pictures Courtesy: Pinterest

So, ladies, now that you saw the best blouse designs of 2020, which one did you love the most?

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