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Planning an Intimate Wedding during Pandemic

A happy marriage is a new beginning of life, a new starting point for usefuleness and happiness. The best thing about a wedding is, that you have ability to create the day of your dreams. We all are aware of how COVID19 pandemic has affected the wedding industry, couples who had dreamt of their dreamy weddings have either postponed or have cancelled the weddings. But we also believe when large gatherings are permitted again, weddings will be among the first events to thrive again. Things will definitely take time to come back to normal stage. A wedding registry and planning company, more couples are scheduling weekday weddings in 2020 and scheduling ceremonies and receptions on different days. Coronavirus may also give wedding attire new meaning. Although it is inevitably somewhat sad to downscale their weddings, brides say the coronavirus has helped put things in perspective.

There’s a lot to think about when planning your big day—no matter where your wedding date falls on the calendar. We have seen big fat weddings where celebrities performed at sangeets, but we have also noticed that couples are opting for smaller and intimate weddings too. It does not mean that you have a cheap wedding, intimate weddings can be lovely, and a grand affair too! So, if you are planning to have an intimate wedding, here are some tips for you!

The first step should be to make a draft wedding guest list. Intimate wedding would mean a tighter guest list. You might have to consider only your family members, closest relatives, friends, and neighbours. First, fix the Venue for your wedding date. As we are considering a smaller number of attendees, we can opt for lavish resort with minimum number of guest count. Where you can plan to have amenities basket for the guests who are going to stay at the venue and some personalized return gifts too.

Select the Vendor wisely. Do your research, select few vendors, tell your plans, discuss with them, get the quote, and then finalize on them. This helps you to give your personal touch to your wedding. Spend time with them, describe your ideas and help them in delivering their best on your special day. Involve your friends, ask for references, planning tips, their experiences and help in terms of co-ordination, let their ideas also come out. You never know who is capable of what! The entire purpose of having a small and intimate wedding is to be able to spend more time with your loved ones.

The best part of intimate wedding is you can personalize every bit of the wedding. Like a Welcome note, small message to your guest on the dinner table or a thank you note. These little gestures will go a long way to make your wedding memorable and guests also will cherish it forever.

Instead of having a formal reception as usual, go for meet and greet kind of evening party. That will allow people from both the families to know each other well. As interactivity increases fun also increases. You can conduct fun games as well to involve people out there, fun and energy all over! Spend time with your families, take as many photos as possible afterall it's your big day!

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

So, these tips and tricks help you have an intimate wedding just like you wanted!

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