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Green Weddings

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Marriage is the big thing for any of us, but it doesn’t need to big! Usually we come across wastage of allot of food,

We throw away the things whether it may be plastics, flowers which we use for the decorations. Obviously music

Creates a lively environment in the area, but it shouldn’t exceed the limits. Loud music causes noise pollution which

Leads to hypertension, high stress levels, sleep disturbances and other harmful effects. It also creates disturbance

Which is intolerable for birds and other animals. So let the light music create the Magic!

Wedding invitation plays an important role in the wedding, although they don’t get the attention they deserve.

Invitations loses its significance once the wedding is over, people use much papers without knowing how much

many trees are cut in order to manufacture papers. Now nearly 4 billion trees or 35 percent of the trees are cut

around the world are used in paper industries on every continent. That equates to about 2.47 billion trees cut down

every day. Deforestation is a real threat, which results in filthy air. Without trees humans wouldn’t be able to breathe,

birds loses shelter, Carbon-dioxide level increases in the environment which is the main reason for Global warming.

So people should think of these and contribute as much as they can to prevent the disaster, I mean to say less usage

of papers, planting more plants and by using bio-degradable materials as in Invitations can be made of botanical papers.

There are few companies who manufacture invitations out of botanical papers which is bio-degradable, the good thing is,

it is customizable! They provide a seed ball idol of lord ganesha with the card, when the seed ball ganesha is planted in

the soil gives birth to a tree that can decorate someone’s backyard for life.

The three basic needs are food, clothing & shelter. Clothing is considered as the second basic requirement of a man.

The global textile and clothing industry is bound to be huge. When it comes to wedding, “selecting a wedding dress

is more than just a fitting; it’s a process- a memory in the making”- Olivelli cape town. Their wedding dresses

which witnesses their big day will be the memorable thing for the couple to cherish the beautiful moments of their life.

But, apart from all these, we need to know that various pollutants are released into environment by Textile

industries causing pollution which is going to harm us on a long run. The real question arises here. What is need of

so many clothes? Is it really necessary? Can’t we recycle the clothes? Can clothes be reused ? Yes, Clothes can be reused

and recycled. Eco-friendly clothes are there in the market. These clothes are made of fibres such as organic cotton

and hemp to inflict minimal or no harm to the environment. Be kind to the Earth & Buy more vintage. So, go for

eco-friendly clothing.

Food. Food is one of the main things which comes to our mind when we think of marriage. Some 15-20 percent of food

Is wasted in marriages and other such functions. In some cases, the waste is to the extent of 20-25 percent when

the number of dishes exceeds the number of guests invited to the marriage. So invite minimal guests, it is tricky but

being strict with your guest list reduces wastage of food and number of guests who need to travel. Again,

travelling causes Air pollution in which CO gets released. When inhaled, CO blocks Oxygen from the brain,

heart and other vital organs. Opt for sustainable venues like halls, open gardens where they regularly host events

and marriages. They will have the infrastructure set up adapt to your Eco-friendly weddings, like recycling facilities.

Get the only amount you need. Have a menu. Menu can help to reduce food waste by using the leftovers from

the previous dish to prepare a new meal. This saves food from being wasted as well as saves on utilities. It can help

with budgeting too. Hire wedding planners to plan your Eco-friendly wedding. They strive to achieve the most

practical needs without sacrificing style. Having an Eco-friendly wedding will have a tremendous contribution to


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