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Foods a bride-to-be must avoid !!!

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Wedding remarks an unforgettable memory in a couple's life regardless of the cast and community. To look the best in the outfit is undeniably the desire of any bride-to-be and we have come across various prep work and guides for the same. In this blog, let's quickly run through some of the food items a bride-to-be must avoid to get toned and glam up on the D-day.

Here is the list of items, it might feel depressing to not eat your favorite snack, but let's think of the stunning photoshoots on your big day which is going to stay alive for a lifetime and you definitely don't want to feel bloated neither want to have an upsetting tummy on your big day.

1. Salty foods

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Excess of salty food leads to water retention in the human body, which can result in swelling and bloating and even to an extent where your wedding dress is no more a sleek fit.

2. Starchy foods

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Eating huge amounts of starchy food can make you even more hungry which results in belly fat accumulation. However, it's not advised to completely cut out the carbs.

3. Carbonated drinks

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The excess amount of sugar in carbonated drinks is capable of causing a bloated belly. Just like carbonated drinks, it is equally important to avoid artificial sweeteners.

4. Too much caffeine

Too much caffeine intake can result in disrupted sleep and increased anxiety levels. It is also advised to avoid caffeine-containing food items too. Who wants to have an anxious wedding when you can have happy and happening ceremonies with your close ones.

5. Fried spicy food

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Having a limited amount of spicy fried food is not much of a threatening deal, but eating excess amounts of it can cause heartburn and irritation in the stomach lining. We know you don't want to walk down the aisle with an upset stomach.

6. Alcohol

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You definitely don't want to wake up with puffy eyes and a bloated belly, beer has to be avoided foremost, even if you happen to have consumed beer, make sure to drink a lot of water post that.

7. Junk Food

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Junk foods are loaded with a lot of calories and they act as catalyzers for weakness which leaves you with no energy for that ever waited dance with your pals.

8. Diary products

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Though some amounts of milk and milk products are good, but not in large amounts as it can resulting in bloating. Especially products like cheese and yogurt as they are not easily digestible.

Beauty comes inevitably with everyone in every mind, but to be healthy and feel energetic on your wedding day is the ultimate hack to enjoy your wedding to the fullest. So why sacrifice it by the unhealthy practice of binge eating.

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