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Creative Wedding Invitations Designs to consider for your Wedding!

Same old rectangular shaped, gold, and maroon card as your wedding invite, isn’t it boring? There are many invitation cards templates ready to pick for most types of Indian weddings. You just go pick any from many and done! But what if standard is not your style? What if you are an artistic person who likes simple but elegant, stylish, royal, and well-designed and themed card? A wedding invitation is a thing which is a gorgeous addition to any wedding theme. Here are some creative & unique wedding invitation designs that do not compromise on the beauty of the invite because, you know, some creative cards do not look good!

1. Rustic wedding cards: Rustic wedding invitations can add a flavor of the countryside, where the atmosphere is dewy, the air misty, and the belongings, too hamlet in appearance and demeanor. It is one of the trendy wedding themes, sending out the same themed wedding invitations can be a great choice, giving your guests the first impression of your big memorable day.

2. Foldout cards: There is no need to go for a standard jacket with 3 inserts. Sometimes, you can choose a fold out card that has a watercolor interpretation of your Beach wedding or some mandala design to make your guests go whoa!

3. Postcards: Send your wedding invitation like a post card, tempt them to take part in your fun-filled wedding celebrations! It is one of the unique ways to invite your guests.

4. Acrylic invites: This is a modern choice and one that guests are sure to remember forever because it is so unique and special. Printed on clear acrylic stock where UV Printing Technology is used which offers full colour options and full colour saturation for ease of reading. If you are looking for a clear choice, literally, then Acrylic is the invitation choice for you! Classy, elegant, and beautiful.

5. Puzzle cards: Add some emotional bit to the invitation by sending puzzles to the guests with a note to join the celebration.

6. Seed paper: Make your wedding sustainable by opting seed paper as wedding invitations. While e-invites are the easiest way to go Eco-friendly, sometimes you just need to do printed wedding invitations also as a part of the wedding celebrations. If that is the case, you can opt for paper that is embedded with seeds. These can be planted by the guests after your wedding.

7. Laser cut invitations: Whether simple or intricate, laser cutting is sure to wow any guest with the shapes and details you can only achieve with this method. They use the laser cut method to incorporate beautiful elements to the invite. One of the best options you can consider.

8. Flip cards: Instead of separate inserts, you can go for a single card where all the information of every function is mentioned in a playful way – guests have to lift-the-flap to reveal what’s inside!

9. Water colorful cards: Aesthetic designs are in trend now! Delicate floral designs, colorful strokes and beautiful patterns can make the guests go wow.

10. Funny & Honest invitation cards: Invite with full heart. If you want it to be quirky and funny at the same time, then these types of cards are simply perfect for you. It is apt if you want a creative wedding card to send to your friends that will make them laugh.

11. Caricature cards: You can make it funnier by going for caricature or sketches are an elegant option too! It will be colorful, funny, and different.

12. Personalized Unique photo cards : This is the best way to go about a very much personalized and intimate wedding invitation card. But if you have photos that look like they came out of a magazine’s pages, go ahead, and make your unique photo invite!

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Hope you'll got some idea about the wedding invitations, hope you know now which one to go for.

All the Best!

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