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Beautiful Wedding Mantap Designs for your Wedding!

The decor is the most important element of the wedding venue that sets the mood and theme of the wedding. From floral installations to lighting, from stage setup to the mandap decor. You want everything to be classy from your outfits to the venue but let’s not forget the fact that mandap is a quintessential element of your wedding and the very place where you are going to take vows of your new life.

Depending on what your personal style is and what outfits you will wear, you will want your mandap decoration design to be in sync with that. Deciding the decor of it can be a troublesome task. To give you inspiration for your mandap decor, we have shortlisted the latest mandap decoration ideas which helps you have the wedding decor of your dreams! Here are a few trends in mandap decoration that totally stole our hearts.

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Hope these beautiful mantap designs help you, remember it must be no less than anything else at the wedding venue.

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