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Wedding trends of 2021 !!!

Source: Pinterest

Marriages are definitely one of the most precious remarkable events in a couple's life and getting it done in the best possible way is undeniably anyone's deepest wish. In India as well as around the world, the wedding trend keeps changing over the years. Trendsetters are the talk of the town now and keeping up with the trend is another glam of a show. Let's have a look at some of the wedding trends of the era.

In the aftermath of COVID -19, it was reported and also emphasized to take a lot of safety measures in ceremonies like this, and also extra stress was put on revising the guest list. Even though there might be a reduction in the number of attendees, the number of wedding events doesn't seem to reduce.

Although towards the beginning of the pandemic era, a number of marriages and events were postponed in the belief of bringing back the normal in some time, and now unfortunately for obvious reasons like uncertainty and missing clarity, wedding ceremonies and other events are back to action but this time by ensuring more safety and social distancing concerns.

Source: Pinterest

The rich traditional expensive weddings have taken a back seat and sustainable celebrations have come to the front row without hesitance from the couple's perspective. Supporting local artisans, creating the best from the existing, minimizing the wastage, carrying out ceremonies by involving nature has been setting a trend slowly in different parts of the world.

Pandemic had affected considerably on destination weddings, but staycation weddings have been something new in the trend. Booking domestic stay and fun within the premises has been something that couples are looking forward to right now.

Source: Pinterest

Going local with the decor, light being taken seriously as a mood breaker, and not compromising on entertainment has been something of a retaining trendsetter for the year. Joyous colour palettes are chosen purposefully to compensate for the enforced restrictions.

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