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Trending Bridal Floral Jewelry designing tips

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

2019 has been a year where we saw most of the beautiful brides wearing floral jewelry on their haldi, mehendi being the first function where everything is just about fun and enjoyment, makes for a perfect occasion to wear the floral jewelry and ditch the traditional bridal jewelry that has been going through ages. From earrings to floral satladas and haathphools, there are many ways to incorporate this trend into your wedding look.

Why you should go for floral jewelry?

1. The haldi floral jewelry goes with every kind of theme and decor.

2. Flowers have zero carbon footprints. Once they wilt, they go back to where they belong to, Mother Nature!

3. Flower jewellery also gives you so many variations to try on. Head to toe, the way you want to! You have so many ways to wear flowers and look stunning for haldi / mehendi occasions.

4. The flowers give you a soft and pleasant look, just what you need during the ceremonies. They don’t bog you down with their weight and instead uplift your mood.

Here are some new ways brides are wearing floral jewelry, not just earrings but whole set.


1. Wear your floral jewellery as pop of contrast to your outfit. Aim for contrast between your dress and jewellery and forget about blending in to stand out.

2. Yes, flowers look great when worn as a statement piece, but they also gel well with other ornaments like beads, pearls or pieces of kundan.

3. If you are looking to sport a traditional look in your marriage functions then you can go for flowers like rose, jasmine or mogra. For a contemporary look, fresh flowers like button daisies or spider orchids will do you wonders.

4. If you are a to-be bride then you can easily incorporate floral jewelry in your Haldi or Mehndi function. Orchids for your Haldi function or jasmine for your Mehendi will bring out that effortless and charming look in no time.

5. Your neckline matters when choosing a floral neckpiece. If your outfit has higher neckline then opt for a longer string of and delicate flowers. And, if you would be wearing a deep neck then chokers made from small to medium flowers will work wonders.

Few beautiful floral jewelry pieces for you,

Here are few links for reference, these DIYs will help you make your own beautiful

Floral jewelries.

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