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Ravishing colour palettes for your perfect winter wedding outfits.

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

Source: Pinterest

Here's a shoutout to the couples getting all set to tie the knot this winter season. Do you want to kill your wedding day look with the best outfit in the market, but yet something not so festive?

If you are here looking for something subtle, but ravishing enough for your perfect day, then you are at the right place.

Choosing the colour palette for your wedding is not as easy it sounds and so here we are with some different subtle yet elegant shade inspiration for you to rock it like the smartest in the pack.

This winter wedding season, it's time for you to get that smoky eye out.

Let's have a look at those toned yet elegant shaded just perfect for your winter wedding.

- Blush Pink / Pastel Pink

Source: Pinterest

Pink is not just a girlish silly colour but a shade marking the statement of happiness and unconditional love.

Well, this shade is not just perfect for the bride but also for your favourite bridesmaids.

- Deep wine colour / Marsala

Source: Pinterest

Do you want to go out there and kill it like a queen, then this is your most amazing go-to-shade.

Yes, the change you have been wanting from the traditional red, but something that still goes along the flock.

- Burgundy

Source: Pinterest

For your biggest surprise, burgundy is not just anyone's favourite hair shade, but also your go-to statement shade for a wedding, especially during the cold winter.

- Royal Blue

Source: Pinterest

Were you surprised to spot blue here in the slot?

But, we tell you, blue lets you slay like a queen and this gorgeous colour is a change from your all-time green-red combo of lehenga shades.

Make a statement this winter season with this exquisite colour of blue.

- Emerald Green

Source: Pinterest

The ever-loved royal colour of Hindustan is your show-stealer shade for your winter wedding. Emerald green is also another great option in the ornaments to pair with your lehenga.

- Greys and blues

Source: Pinterest

Believe it or not, dull shades of greys and blues are yet another killing shade for your perfect and astonishing winter weddings. Though they tend to look a little off initially, styling them up with great ideas can enlighten the whole outlook for the outfit.

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