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Make Your Wedding Sustainable!

Sustainable development is the need of the present time for the survival of humankind as well as for its future security. When we consider land to be a network to which we have a place, we may start to utilize it with adoration and regard. Instead of making it worse by using non-biodegradable items, we should try to focus on recyclable or reusable items while conducting a wedding. Being green is something beyond purchasing ‘eco’. It is a steadfast promise to a supportable way of life. There are many ways to go about having a sustainable wedding. The simple and effective way is by having Plantable Seed Paper Invitation Cards to invite the dear ones. As we all know so much paper is wasted with every wedding invitation which is useless once the wedding is over.

Try using plantable paper if you really want to send tactile invites. There are pretty looking plantable cards not only make the perfect eco- friendly wedding invitations but are also very beneficial for our planet. Plantable wedding invitations are printed on a seed paper which grows flowers and herbs when planted in soil. These unique invites bring us one step closer to saving mother nature. 

Here we have a beautiful story to tell you all! One of our clients was very keen on having a sustainable wedding. So as a part of it, we suggested them these plantable invitation cards with a wooden box and some dry fruits in it. It was completely a new thing. They agreed on that and gave a green signal with the time limit of 15 days! The invitation card count was half a housand so it was impossible to finish making all of them. We couln't even get it done from someone else as the boxes had to come from Ahmedabad. So we had to do it by ourselves! We at our office started making each and every invite by ourselves.

We ordered the plantable seed papers online which took 3 days to reach us. By then all the materials which were necessary to make the invitations were ready. One special thing about that invitation card was, the ink what we had used to print on the paper were vegetable inks. No artifical dye, or other material were used. And it was done in screen printing method.

It took 3 days again for screen printing. As our client wanted it to be sustainable and classy at the same time. We added some lace on both the ends of the card to make it look proper and neat. It had to fit in the box so we had to roll it and tie it with golden thread.

They used these invitation cards with the hand crafted wooden boxes as return gifts also. What a abrilliant idea it is! Isn't it ? Instead of wasting extra money on return gifts, they had these hand crafted, aluminium sheet plated which is the most environmentally friendly metal wooden box as the return gift. Which also had specially made dry fruit barfi which was covered with aluminium foil not plastic and haldi - kumkum as per tradition inside.

On the whole it was an entirely an eco-friendly wedding invitation. Going green will add a unique and positive element to your wedding! So, select a style which suits your wedding and delivers an Eco- friendly message because going green today is not an option, it’s a necessity!

Celebrate with a sense of satisfaction of giving back to your mother nature!

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