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Green design ideas !!!

Source: Pinterest

Green weddings have been quite popular these days and the concept is widely accepted for its proactive nature towards protecting the environment.

In simpler terms, green weddings or eco-friendly weddings can be described as where a couple decides to decrease the ecological impact of their special event on the planet by incorporating friendly alternatives.

There are a number of things to look after when planning on a green wedding, from the guest list to the venue and to the decor and even to the caterers.

The traditional rich fat Indian weddings and green weddings don't go hand in hand and so this definitely requires a lot of thoughtful planning before executing the final print.

Let's have a look at some of the green wedding ideas of 2021:

1. Using reusable wedding signage like handwritten chalkboards.

2. Making use of ornate mirror signages to welcome your guests

Source: Pinterest

3. Using wooden chairs and tables for the wedding

Source: Pinterest

4. Using flowers and other materials that are available local

Source: Pinterest

5. Making maximum use of the materials that are already available at the venue

6. Decor hangings that are made of waste materials like previously used straws, etc

7. Plants and seeds can be used for gifting the guests

Source: Pinterest

8. Wedding invites can become e-invites or even recycled paper or seed embedded paper invites.

9. Use reusable cutlery and bottles instead of plastic ones.

10. Plan out the event timings and make the best use of natural daylight.

11. Make effective arrangements for packing the leftover food and distributing it to needy people

12. Avoid artificial decor elements

There are a number of factors to check up on if you are really enthusiastic about eco-friendly weddings which is definitely going to be the wisest and healthy decision taken for the betterment of the living space and preserving as much as you could for the coming generations.

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