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6 Winter wedding decor inspo !!!

Source: Pinterest

Winter is one of the most-loved seasons by many for obvious reasons like cold air and beautiful white snow and ofcourse for the no-itching sweat season. Winter weddings are a special affair of romance and memorable moments and here in this article, let us look at some game-changing decor ideas for winter weddings.

- Illuminated limbs


If you are planning on an outdoor event, then lighting up the tree branches with just twisted light strings escalates the entire mood of the event.

- Hall with a view

Source; Pinterest

It's not strict that your winter wedding decor ideas should stay inside the rooms. You can also deck up the surrounding areas thereby giving spectacular views to your guests through the windows, which can also turn out to be a great frame for photographs.

- Aisle of candles

Source: Pinterest

Walking down the aisle holding each other's hands as couples is a special ceremony of any wedding ceremony and arranging candles all down the aisle is just another show-stealer among the various decor props.

- Chandelier

Source: Pinterest

Elegance is in the Chandelier and the tiny light bulbs around the same lighting up the entire venue.

- Flowers

Source: Pinterest

Flowers are here to mark a statement irrespective of the timings. Flowers are the most important and unavoidable decor element for any wedding. Choosing the right flowers for the event in alignment to the theme is the ultimate hack.

- Pine, cones, berries, and candles

Source: Pinterest

Pine, cones, and berries are your killer combo for your dining table setup, Light it up with a scented candle, and the evening just goes perfect with your rich shining cutlery.

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